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Article About Me in the Arab America News

Hello Friends!  The online resource Arab America recently published an article about my lifelong, worldwide quest to promote those values we all hold dear.  Read below or see the article on their site here:

By: Holly Johnson/Arab America Contributing Writer

Peace, love, truth, and compassion. These are four adjectives that Yusif Barakat lives by.

Known simply as Yusif, Barakat, an 85-year-old advocate for harmony, has spent more time than he can count getting into, as John Lewis so eloquently stated, “good trouble.”

Born in 1935 in Haifa, Palestine, Barakat recalls idyllic childhood summers spent swimming in the Jordan River and riding horseback with his warm, yet remote father...

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New Article by Yusif in MPT Newsletter “What Does It Mean to be Centered . . .”

The latest issue of the Meta Peace Team Spring 2013 Newsletter has an article by Yusif called “What Does It Mean to be Centered and How Do We Do It?”.

Commenting on the article, Yusif stated:

“I am a trainer for the Michigan Peace Team (now known as Meta Peace Team) for the last 10 years.  Recently I was asked to write an article for their newsletter on being Centered.

“The link below will take you to their online newsletter (Volume 19, Issue 2 ) and my article appears on page 10.

“The Peace Team is dedicated to teaching people about the benefits of Peace & Non-violence!  The topic, the objective and the Peace Team is worthy of your time!”

What Does It Mean to be Centered and How Do We Do It?
by Yusif Barakat
Meta Peace Team’s Spring 2013 Newsletter

Volume 19, Issue 2 on Page10


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A Proposed Solution to Palestine/Israel

Date: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 (originally written)

One Nation – “The Holy Land”

After recently spending two months touring the Middle East, and having spent New Year’s Eve in Gaza, and considering the many trips I have made back to Palestine (both Israel and the West Bank) I have come to the conclusion that there is only one solution to the Palestine conflict!

As Palestine is the cradle that spawned the three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) there can only be one solution: Palestine should not be dominated by any one of these religions, and should be open to ALL of them, and THE WORLD.

After a great deal of soul searching and thoughtful considerations I have come to the conclusion that HISTORIC PALESTINE should be open and a...

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