Date: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 (originally written)

One Nation – “The Holy Land”

After recently spending two months touring the Middle East, and having spent New Year’s Eve in Gaza, and considering the many trips I have made back to Palestine (both Israel and the West Bank) I have come to the conclusion that there is only one solution to the Palestine conflict!

As Palestine is the cradle that spawned the three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) there can only be one solution: Palestine should not be dominated by any one of these religions, and should be open to ALL of them, and THE WORLD.

After a great deal of soul searching and thoughtful considerations I have come to the conclusion that HISTORIC PALESTINE should be open and available to ALL the people of the world and for that reason, I offer the following proposal.  To support this theory, I plan to circulate a position paper, early next year, which will be called: “Everything You Wanted to Know about Israel but Were Afraid to Ask” Israel is the Illegitimate State in the Holy Land; and I propose to dispel the myth that Palestine belongs to only Zionist Jews!

Before reading my proposal below, I recommend that you open this link and see what the survivors of the Nazi German Holocaust are saying about the illegal occupation of Zionism in Palestine: Is Israel a Jewish state? In name, yes.

In reality, it is as supportive of the real ethics of Judaism as Nazi Germany was.
Comments from an Auschwitz survivor:

Historic Palestine, for the last several thousand years, has been taken over by an outside force, a totally foreign people, who now call it “Israel”.  These Eastern European people (who now occupy Palestine) are not originally Semitic, but those who have been converted to Judaism and have spawned a  political entity called Zionism, whose main intent is to take over all of historic Palestine and claim it to be the heritage of ancient Judaism. They  intended it to be only for one people, the Jews. The Palestinian Arabs, who are the inheritors and descendants of thousands of years of legacy, are being denied the right to remain in the land of their ancestors.

Historically Israel existed in that land thousands of years ago and experienced a rise and fall on several occasions. That is no excuse for them to recreate that nation, now, by obliterating the thousands of years of history of the Palestinian people and pretending as if they never existed! This leaves us with a dilemma of two People occupying One Land, (much like what Pilgrims did to Native Indians in the U.S.).

Therefore, the logical solution is that: it could only be ONE NATION-THE HOLY LAND—allowing both peoples to live in their ancestral homes,  anything else would be unfair to both parties. You cannot correct an injustice by more injustice. And Justice for both sides would be difficult if not impossible- if we insist on giving it only to One People! Remember what Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  The major hang-up for all of this is what to call it. It has already been known for thousands of years as “The Holy Land” and that is what it should be called.   In keeping with all that is Holy- “TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION” hearings (as in South Africa) needs to be held to remove or eliminate the anger, hostility, claims and demands between all the religions that started there, and presently have their ancient Holy sites. Jewish/Christian/Moslem COEXISTANCE, with respect for ALL the Holy sites of all religions and a sharing of same for all the world to enjoy and appreciate. As those three major religions constitute the majority of all religions globally, and since all three religions have followers all over the world, and all claim heritages to that land, it should be open and available for all religions to enjoy.

The three major religions are known as Abrahamic, as they are related and are descendants from the seeds of Abraham.  Brothers and sisters, cousins and relatives are we all.  And a house divided cannot be sustained!  The Semites who are all descendants from the house of David, Sampson and Delilah, should make love and friendships not war and terror! No matter what our beliefs are! We should not impose our will on others, by forcibly taking home and land—but should share the abundance and the bounty of our earth by breaking bread together!   As in all true democracies, it should be based on “One Person, One Vote” and Administered by a coalition of all three religions.

TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION in The Holy Land would open up the doors for resolving other global conflicts and for re-instituting “The Golden Rule” by Truly Loving One Another, and living together in Peace and Harmony.

Meantime, I am wishing you all
Merry Christmas;
Happy Chanukah;
Happy Ashoura (Islamic New Year)
And a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous NEW YEAR to ALL!
MAY PEACE PREVAIL IN THE MIDDLE EAST, in PALESTINE, and the WORLD, in the New Year and for all times!

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