Video of my encounter with the FBI!

Below is the link to U-Tube.

It’s 15 minutes of story telling

about my experience with the FBI.

I trust you will find it interesting.

Feel free to share it with others.

Your comments would be appreciated!

PS: I was the last of 5 storytellers to present.

At the beginning of the 3 hour program (including intermission) the hostess of the program, Satori Shakour, said that there are 5 storytellers ranging from 11 years old to 80.  When I ran across the stage, she said: This man running across the stage is 80.
The video begins with her introducing my name.

Society Web-site

Link to the live-stream: Where you can see the entire 3 hour program.

Your comments and opinions would be most welcomed and appreciated!


One comment to Video of my encounter with the FBI!

  • Mark A Dull  says:

    Very proud of you my Brutha!!

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